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Public and Private transactions on the same network

In a context of global increase in regulation, users' need for privacy remains high. We have developed a unique feature that offers the best tradeoff between the two.

Privacy Flexibility

One single wallet on a single blockchain can be used to perform public and private transaction at the discretion of the users.

Pioneering Feature

Always putting the user experience first, X-Cash is the first blockchain to offer this feature with such a high level of ease from the user perspective.

Secured & Unfalsifiable

Private and public transactions are cryptographically signed in large fixed ring sized transactions.

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Delegated Proof Of Stake

Democratic consensus, energy efficient

Delegated Proof-of-Stake is our best answer to tackle scalability and future upgrades of the network while lowering the energy consumption by 99%.

The consensus algorithm is based on a modified version of Delegated Byzantine Fault Tolerance, which allows for a fast consensus to happen while increasing the security. For instance, 51% attacks are not possible anymore.

The selection of the next block producer is made through verifiable random functions (VRF) which increase the safety of the network by preventing any possible anticipation of which delegate will mint the next block.

X-Cash's delegated Proof-of-Stake offers a unique feature to delegates which are also able to offer their storage and consensus capactiy to host additional sidechains. In the long term, this will become the primary source of revenues of delegates.

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Customizable blockchain secured by the X-CASH Network

X-Cash's true innovation relies in its capacity to onboard users blockchain. Because these blockchain are directly hosted by the delegates, they are secured, customizable and economical.

No hardware needed

A sidechain is a full blockchain which is hosted by the delegates. This means that contrary to traditionnal blockchains, you do not need to rent your own infrastructure.

Easy to code and customizable

The deployment of a sidechain is fully automated and does not require extensive coding skills. Thanks to X-Blockchain modules, you can even choose an already customized blockchain that matches your needs.

Cost effective and scalable

Because a sidechain is your blockchain, you can set how many delegates will host it and how many sidechains you will need. Therefore, sidechains can perfectly match and grow with your needs which makes them cost effective.

Token allocation

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Segregated Fund Tracker

One of our goal is to be transparent in our engagements to the community. To this end, we have developed a segregated funds tracker that will allow anyone to check the balance of the locked wallets.

We are using cryptographic reserve proofs which allow confirming that a specific address holds a certain amount without revealing its public key.

20bn XCASH
Company Funds
10bn XCASH
Private Investors
Team Funds

The easiest way
to send XCASH

The X-CASH Wallet is a light, efficient and secure way to store your coins. Wherever you are in the world, you can efficiently manage your account and send payments at almost no cost.

  • Extremely light and user-friendly interface
  • Highly secured using cryptonote protocol
  • Ability to send private and public transactions
  • Send and receive payments in a matter of seconds
  • Cost less than 0.001$ per transaction


We are carrying a 20-month Airdrop program where 20 billion XCASH are being distributed to the community.

The airdrop is made through the X-Bank and anyone can claim their free share by registering an account.

Cryptocurrency technical details

Name X-Cash
Ticker XCASH
Max Supply 100,000,000,000 XCASH
Circulating Supply 28,685,048,565 XCASH
PoW Algorithm CryptoNight HeavyX
Diffculty Algorithm LWMA 120 Blocks
Block time 2 min
Transaction privacy Private/Public

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market capitalization

$ , ,

30d trading volume

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